Exe Green Holding

Smart solutions

Smart solutions

We take into account the destination and the required lighting. We thereby offer computerized solutions for the best solution, thus meeting the requirements of any client in every situation.

SMART Buildings Solutions

Cut energy bills by 30%, put more money back into your city’s budget, and improve public safety — with Exe Holding technology for smart street lighting

Founded in 2012 by a young, innovative and passionate team, highly interested in the field of energy efficiency, EXE Green Holding, member of the Romanian National Commission for Illumination, has quickly evolved and became one of the leading companies in the industry of energy efficiency and LED lighting solutions.

Lightning control systems

EXE GREEN HOLDING solutions provide more than illumination. Through a combination of light quality, color, and intensity, they help create environments that can be tailored to occupants needs and preferences. 

Lighting has a profound effect on the human body. Its more than just how we see. It also affects how we feel and how we function. EXE Green Holding solutions are designed to help maximize the influence of lighting on your daily life.