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Product characteristic

1. The main material of the product is aluminium alloy and the main technology is shear spinning process with one-time molding, producing good heat dissipation effect.

2. There are two types of colors, black and white for selection. The appearance is simple and decent.

3. COB adopts high reflective rate metal reflection cup and transparent tempered glass with high photosynthetic efficiency and high energy saving.

4. SMD adopts milky white PC shade + sealing ring. Waterproof grade of the front side can reach IP44.

5. Efficient and energy saving LED driving power.


Product description:

1. The spinning radiator with one-time molding is provided with good heat dissipation effect.

2. The light covers and tail covers are fixed through emboss rotating cooperation fixation, allowing simple assembly and efficient production.

3. The surface is sprayed with white powder; high-end and elegant.

4. The service life is more than 50000 hours.


Application occasions:

Mainly applicable in factories, hotels, home renovation, department stores and exhibition rooms, etc.

Product parameters


1. Please read the product specification carefully first to confirm that the use environment is in line with the condition on the specification before it is used.

2. Please confirm the applicable power supply before use.

3. When the product is connected with power supply, ensure that the switch is at the disconnected state to prevent electric shock.

4. Operation against the rules may destroy your articles, or even endanger your personal safety.

5. Make preliminary calculation for the quantity of light and then calculate the total power according to frequency of single light. Design the power distribution scheme.

6. Dangerous high voltage. Non professional personnel should not repair.

7. If the external wire of the light is damaged, it should be replaced by manufacturer or service agent or personnel with similar qualification to avoid danger.

8. Common sense for handling: avoid impact or press the product with heavy objects. Handle with care during the transportation and installation process.

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